The Best Way to Install Node Js Npm and Yarn on Mac Osx

The best way to install Node.js on Mac is nvm. You can use the install script for nvm installation. $ curl -o- | bash relaunch your Terminals and check nvm version $ nvm --version

List your installed node versions if any: $ nvm list

It is safe if you choose one of the most recent LTS (long time support) version and install it with the following command: $ nvm install <node-version>

Setup this version as the default. $ nvm use <node-version>

Check your node version with $ node -v

In case, you want to upgrade node $ nvm install <node-version> --reinstall-packages-from=<old-node-version>

To Uninstall Node $ nvm uninstall <node-version>

Switching between various nodes versions $ nvm use <node-version> $ nvm use node (switch to latest Node.js version)


npm is installed as a package with Node Check the version $ npm -v

To upgrade npm $ npm install -g npm


To install yarn $ npm install -g yarn

Check the version $ yarn -v